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     The idea of creating models of skyscrapers began in 2002. It was not too long after 9/11 and World Trade Center memorabelia was widespread. One item that caught my eye was a ceramic model of the complex. Not too bad of a model, except Building 5 was takenout and replaced by a George Bush quote. Politics aside, it ruined the model for me. A closer look revealed many more innaccuracies. One thought came into my mind:

I could do better than this! (read in a dismissive sarcastic tone)

     I then went off to work at my mindless job. About half-way through my shift, the idea of folding cardstock into a WTC hit me. After work, I went home and in two hours I had my prototype. It had issues, like not having enough tabs and no base, but it was a good proof-of-concept. I went back and designed a model of the whole World Trade Center complex. I spent the rest of high school churning out models when I could. I eventually reached over 20 models. These first models are shown directly below.

     After starting college, I couldn't find the time to do any more models. Plus I was getting into other things that ate up my time. So my hobby languished until late 2004. I started making new bigger, better models, these are the ones posted here.